When you need a company that understands how to do commercial floor cleaning...call HoneyDo.


When you need a company that understands how to do commercial floor cleaning…call HoneyDo.

Commercial floor cleaning requires an entirely different skillset compared to residential floor cleaning. From the amount of foot traffic, to different carpet and floor materials we’ve seen it and cleaned it. Not only that, we understand the demands and constraints that commercial property managers face. Above all else, we believe that long lasting relationships and intimately understanding the unique requirements that each property manager can face, is where we provide our best value.

Why Clean Commercial Floors?

Because commercial buildings are being more tightly constructed which often eliminates the option to allow fresh air to exchange with indoor air (think open windows) trapping many of the pollutants iinside.  Further, commercial carpet then acts as a giant filter. The EPA states that indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 risks to to public health.

By having your floors properly cleaned and maintained. HoneyDo commercial carpet cleaning can remove many of the containments and create a healthier work environment.

Whether you have clients, guests or simply your own employees everyone creates an impression of you and your organization by the appearance of the office space.  In this case there you can actually JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

HoneyDo can create a customized maintenance program that fits your budget and keeps the carpet, bathroom floors and more clean and looking great so your clients don’t half of the asphalt from the parking make the main entrance look like a runway.

As we said there is a significant difference between residential cleaning and commercial floor cleaning.  For a great reference the IICRC (Floor Cleaning’s Governing Body) has a great article here on how to choose a commercial carpet cleaning company.

Here’s Why HoneyDo Commercial Floor Care is A Great Choice

  • We only focus on commercial floor cleaning and have years of expertise to handling the most demanding projects, both large and small.
  • We use only commercial grade equipment.  From truckmounts that are purpose built for commercial cleaning jobs to chemicals and cleaning solutions that are designed to treat commercial carpet and floors
  • Multiple crews crews and schedules to service your locations that are convenient for you and your employees.
  • Don’t create a one size fits all cleaning process.  There are different methods, solutions and options that we use to create a commercial cleaning that will exceed your expectations.
  • A devoted team that is passionate about working with commercial clients as an extension of their operations.  We take great satisfaction in hearing the compliments our clients receive about their pristine facilities.

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